Meet Ayla and Katie - Women, Boss Ladies, Mothers

Today for International Womens Day we celebrate women past and present who have helped pave way for a brighter future for women. Pictured here is Ayla and Katie, the owners and creators of The Bare Road. These women have been a total inspiration to their staff, who are in awe of their dedication to work and to raising their beautiful young families. As a young woman myself it has been so empowering to watch Ayla and Katie run the business with such integrity whilst raising the sweetest, most wonderful children. A perfect example that it doesn’t have to be one or the other though, I know it definitely isn’t easy.
Meet Ayla and Katie, Women, owners and creators of The Bare Road and just as importantly Mothers who today sharing a little insight into motherhood and how they navigate through this incredible journey of raising children.
Tell us a little bit about your families - who are they - what do they do - why do you love them?
Ayla: We are so lucky to have most of our family close by which I feel is so important when raising kids!! It really does take a village! in saying that most of our friends feel like family to us as well, we have such a lovely network of young families around us that support each other.
Katie: My husband Angus and my 3-year-old Son Albie James and our new addition Junie Sunshine 8 weeks old . We are so very lucky to have all of our immediate family so close by and so involved in our life,
 family is very important to me and my time spent with my family is what i live for.
I couldn’t be the Mum I am or run a business without them all.
And to watch your child with your Mum and the love they have for each other is a beautiful thing.
Tell us for real - do they drive you crazy? 
Ayla:  They drive me mad daily! LOL
Katie: Of course they do!!!  thats just a given right ? 
Tell us a little bit about your daily routine?
Ayla: Our days start early !! like before the sun kind of early! 5am wake ups make for long days…at least we get to watch the sun rise! Plenty of time for the kids to play before we head off to school and daycare and work. its amazing how much you can fit into a small window of time at work before it starts all over again with school pick up and afternoon activities. When we get home after our days its time for a wine while I cook a simple dinner …… as much as I love cooking there really isn’t enough hours in the day for elaborate meals when you have young kids. Once the kids are in bed its time for checking work emails and down time with my partner.
Katie: The day starts early in our house, there is usually a mad rush of school lunches and chores to be done usually 1 handed ( I’m getting very good at one handed lunch these days)  before we walk out the door. My husband starts work early so he is gone by the time we wake up so this is where the real ‘mum juggle” comes in.
By the time I get to work it usually feels like I’ve already lived an entire day before the workday has actually started but I’m slowly easing back into work life after having Junie and trying to find that right work/life balance. I’m so very lucky to be able to work from home and have such an incredible business partner and team to  rely on.
What is the best thing you have learnt about yourself from becoming a young mum?
Ayla: Sleepless nights and dirty nappies (in the first couple of years) and the countless crazy questions (from my 5 year old)… “mum ….. how do you float in water if you have a baby in your tummy?!” Everything that comes with having kids has taught me patience resilience and empathy….to name few!! Becoming a mum at any age teaches selflessness which I think is a great thing to be.
Katie: Nothing can prepare you for Kids, it really is the biggest life change you will ever go through and I never new my heart could be so full. It's total chaos but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
How do you maintain a health work life balance?
Ayla: I don’t know if I do have a healthy balance ! But I do try my hardest to balance……I feel slightly frantic every morning while getting everyone ready for the day and doing school drop off! But nothing my on the run coffee while driving to work after drop off can’t fix!
Katie:This is something i will forever be working on. Before I had Junie surfing  was my mediation, its my ‘me time’. It gives me balance and resets my sanity clock if i can steel a surf or 2 for the week I’m a happy mumma  and I’m looking forward to getting back out there it also helps having a loving supportive husband. 
I try to make my home time and my time with my family meaningful and I like to be as present in the moment as I can (although challenging at times).
We are out and about in the mornings you will usually find us at the beach or the park and then when its time for a sleep (bless the day sleep) and if  the stars align and i can get both kids to sleep at the same time then I can get into my emails and catchup for the day and maybe even feed myself. 
And this is the same when they go to bed at night and its nice to sit down and have an adult conversation with my husband after speaking to a 3 year old all day and breastfeeding as this is now my new full time job  honestly sometimes its just nice to not talk at all haha...
What is the thing you love the most about it? 
Ayla:  I have honestly grown to love the chaos each day brings….when raising little ones … your days are a complete rollercoaster .. and even though I need to regularly stop and breathe … it gives me peace knowing that we are raising kind humans.
Katie:  Its chaotic however,
Its so rewarding in every kind of way to watch my children grow and learn before my eyes, it really is incredible. Albie is  so loving and caring  towards his little sister and I’ts so lovely to watch them bond and form a relationship.
What is the most challenging change that motherhood has brought forth in your life? 
Ayla: I have never felt so stretched, in love , out of my depth, tired, vulnerable but thankfully all at the same time! I am amazed at how much stronger I feel as person now that I have kids……..even though some days I wonder how the heck ill do it!
  Katie: Motherhood IS the change its the most selfless rewarding and challenging job one can have. And patience... my gosh you learn patience and just to let things go sometimes, surrender to it all.
What advice would you give other mums out there? 
Ayla:  Comparison is the root of all evil!! You can compare yourself and your children with the ones around you so easily and find so many differences………these differences should be celebrated !!  There are so many outside pressures these days when it comes to raising children. Just Do your absolute best to raised happy, heathy, compassionate and kind little people and I think thats really all that matters.
Katie: Listen to your instincts and do it your way. Trust yourself and your decisions as they are yours to make and you will make the right ones for you and your family.
Nothing lasts forever and you will sleep again even though you feel like you may actually die from sleep deprivation.
Its a rollercoaster of emotions and don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help.
There is no right or wrong way and we learn this one day at a time and honestly before you know it, they're 3 and telling you all the names of dinosaurs and asking endless questions about anything and everything.
And finally - any plans for a bigger clan? 
Ayla:  I feel like the chaos of 2 kids should be enough ……. but for some reason I feel unfinished with just 2 kids……maybe one more will do the trick haha
Katie:  No not for us, I have 2 beautiful healthy children and boy and a girl and I couldn’t ask for anything else. We are compete...