The Bare Road is designed in Byron Bay, Australia 

We have been working with a group of workers in a small village in Bali, Indonesia for almost a decade now and have formed very close relationships, and consider them to be part of our extended family. Our pieces are hand dyed and hand printed - although we keep dying to a minimum and try to use woven fabrics cottons and linens. Our off-cuts and left over fabrics are donated to the workers to make traditional clothes for themselves and the local village as our initiative to reduce waste and up-cycle. We sea-freight the bulk of our shipment - which has a reduced carbon footprint than air-freight – we believe in doing our best in areas to reduce the impact we have.


TBR is dedicated to small scale production this helps eliminate the environmental impact and makes sure that none of our workers are overworked to meet deadlines. Each TBR item is designed in Australia and sourced and produced in Bali and China by using hand made techniques such as hand-dying and hand printing by a local village. We regularly visit the manufacturing team and know they are treated fairly and are paid over minimum wages and that all working conditions are fair and safe.

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