We are excited that we are able to support our local community having a positive impact. 100% of the profits will be donated to our local high school in Byron bay to contribute to their recycling program. 

Every year nearly 1 billion plastic bags are being used in Queensland area. The numbers of the Queensland government are showing that plastic pollution is a real concern on the East Coast. First steps have been made by introducing the plastic shopping bag ban this year.  

Now it’s up to us to take the chance and reduce our consumption. We say no to single-use plastics. Our response is the artists tote bag, as we want to show our social responsibility as a brand. A compact, comfortable, self-contained, strong and pretty companion to sling over one shoulder. It is cut from conscientious cloth made of natural linen blend.
We are introducing a limited edition artist series tote bag for all occasions. Today we use totes to communicate and make statements. They are influencing us in the fashion race. The design should spread the word to reuse, reduce, recycle. Make a sustainable swap to secure a safe future for our environment and animals.  

M: "How did you come to collaborate with TBR for a Tote Bag?" 
B: "The girls at TBR always encourage creativity and when I showed them some drawings I’d been working on, they were excited to work on something together.  We decided on a good old trusty tote bag. I carry a few with me every day, one for the beach, one for the day and one to fill with groceries. We are super excited to offer something to our customers that will contribute to our community directly. Also we hope that a nice tote might help encourage us to reduce our consumption of single use plastic."

M: "What was the original idea of your drawing?"
B: "The drawing of the womanly figure came out of my sketchbook from a Life drawing class. I’ve really come to appreciate the human landscape through these classes, finding comfort with in my own body by appreciating the amazing variety of lines and shapes of others. All women are incredible, we should be so proud of what our bodies do for us."

M: "What does the sea mean to you?"
B: "Life here in Byron revolves around the beaches. I go to the beach to start or end my day almost every day. It’s where I go to be by myself, to hang out with friends, to walk, sit, surf. It’s an environment I feel the most comfortable.  It’s a pretty important place for me. I hope it can be appreciated for its beauty in the future."  

M: "How do you take care of the planet?"
B: "I have started to pay more attention to my actions and how they impact the earth. Making conscious choices based on what is better for the environment rather than what is more convenient or inexpensive.  For instance buying products in paper or glass rather than plastic, shopping locally, consuming less meat, and supporting small businesses. And of course doing my best to reduce, reuse or recycle."

M: "Any advises for small steps in the direction of an eco-friendly lifestyle?"
B: "I think it’s important to not underestimate the little changes we can all make. The simple changes like using re-usable bags, coffee cups and straws which we are all capable of implementing in our day-to-day life will make a great difference in the long run. So my advice, start small and always be open to learn how we can improve. That’s what I hope to do anyway."


Thanks to the artist Brianna O´Connell

Words & Photos by Mimi Langenstein