The Bare Road x Gnar Gnar Honeys


A mellow day in California. The Honeys hit the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu´s sun-drenched beachside hills. They are skating down the undulating landscape. Clicking sounds on the street. The wheels clash with the rough sidewalk. Hannah Wang, Karen Masumoto and Monica Medellin. These three women form the “Gnar Gnar Honeys” collectively made up of directors, filmmakers, photographers and creatives. With their impactful content and diverse collaborations, they are changing the landscape in action sports and unplug stereotypes. The Bare Road follows their idea of diversity and fun side of sports that is relatable to our community. 


The Gnar Gnar Honeys x The Bare Road Brand Video from Monica Medellin on Vimeo.


The team-member Hannah Wang works as a Director and Photographer. She offers a visual eye for growing businesses and knows how to strategize their future goals. Her focus remains on brand identity. Karen Masumoto projects the producers’ vision into the scenes with her creative editing. A filmmaker and editor with grace, femininity and strength. Monica Medellin is the storyteller at heart. As a producer, director and filmmaker, she becomes an extension of the brand and tells their story. Her work is a balance in between creative ambitions and commercial restraints of a project.


Gnar Gnar Honeys x The Bare Road x Hannah Wang


UN Women Deputy Executive Director Lakshmi Puri says, “Sport has a huge potential to empower women and girls”. Around the world, female empowerment bringing us new collectives for action sports, such as the Gnar Gnar Honeys. They are a great example striving to open up new vistas for female boarders in the sports industry. Build on what they do, models as actual athletes only are represented in their content. Against the background of Women supporting other women. They show us the next big opportunity for brands: changing the perspective on females in sports to tackle the sexism.


Gnar Gnar Honeys x The Bare Road


In the 1970s, the beach Hermosa Beach was the mecca of skaters, also the career of Cindy Whitehead started here. At the age of 15 she started skating and at the age of 17 she started her professional career. But Cindy Whitehead is not only a sportswoman. She is a key figure for the fight for equal rights in the men dominated skate planet, but also as an entrepreneur and mentor. Her company also supports female skaters in skate competitions and in communication with potential advertising partners and the negotiation of sponsorship contracts. 

Today, it shows the number of female skaters is on rise. More and more women shred local skate parks around the world. Female Values on a mission create opportunities for beginner, advanced and professionals.

Words by Mimi Langenstein

Thanks to Gnar Gnar Honeys