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P R E S E N T S  H I G H  S E A S

A collection that has been uniquely Australian designed, understated and functional for the modern edge of resort lifestyle.

Transcending from Spring to Summer with the exciting debut of TBR SWIM – a natural progression inspired by our lifestyle to create quality, functional and flattering swimwear pieces.

A relaxed oceanic colour-scape is present throughout a range of styles featuring quality materials that define our seaside lifestyle. 

In our palm-paved, sun-drenched playground we fair best in breathable natural hand-woven cotton, lightly softened linen constructed styles, for an effortlessly elegant feeling on heated days and balmy nights. 

The consistency of washed denim, earthy canvas and luxe leather features for optimal wardrobe definition and a complete look this season.
We invite you to join our journey down The Bare Road.