If you don’t know Bliss Kaufmann yet, you should.

One of our favourite souls to work with, her up and coming talented eye for creative detail and vivid capture of life imitating art has us slightly mesmerized every time.

On our recent trip to the United States we had the privilege of travelling with her into the California desert of Palm Springs where she took control of vibrant Resort range. 

We recently asked her a few questions to better understand her story and perspective.

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself as we'd love to know more...

My birth given name is Bliss. I deal with the reality that everyone thinks it’s Katherine (my middle) but it’s my fault for not using my Greek, difficult last name. I was born in Georgia and grew up traveling often. Exploring beautiful places and learning different cultures with my parents are my best memories. I later moved to Florida for my teen years. School was nightmarish for me, I was very introverted and socially anxious. Art class felt like my own little world because I had a wonderful art teacher. My later years there she somehow transferred me into more of her classes daily to help relieve the stress of subjects I overthought and failed over. All I really remember from my final years of school was painting constantly, illustrating women, taking film stills and the having the occasional laps around track. College wasn’t a desire so I taught myself to make a creative future for myself despite the uncertainties.  

  1. What made you love photography and how did you get into it?

At fourteen my father gave me a film camera and since then haven’t stopped creating. I lived in a small beach town and didn’t know many local photographers, so I created and edited images through my own vision. I taught myself by reading tutorials, experimenting with editing, and learned lenses. I would look through fashion magazines daily as a teen, appreciating the enigma fashion shared of textural variety and color palettes. More tangible opportunities started by age 17, I was being booked by models and musicians out of state. Onward my photographs were featured in magazines, on book covers, and in album art.

  1. What and who would you say are your biggest influencers - inspirations and why?

As I get older having serious photography influences is restricting on how I create because comparison is a killer. I never want to lose the familiarity of my own shooting style but I do love Cass Bird for who she is and how she captures women. My mother and father are what keep me going when I lose sight of myself.

  1. Having worked with you, we've noticed you have a keen eye for detail and picking the most precise frame - tell us a bit about your magic

I’m so private as a person in most ways, but there is level of responsibility as an artist to not censor my vision for life the way I see or feel it. Laying out emotion bare through imagery, introspection or writing helps me to explore the role I play. I’m analytical all of the time and that can create a punitive effect on my energy, but my method is simply to capture the authenticity of my subject for who they truly are. Vulnerability and expression go hand in hand. There’s more than just taking an intimate photograph because it’s capturing an eternal feeling.

  1. Where do you hope to be in 5 years time.

Someplace peaceful, loving simplicity, digitally detoxing 

  1. What is the best thing about LA?

The catharsis of gentle energy you sense on everyone is really special. Not many say it aloud, or get into painful topics really, but we are all emotionally aware we are lightly struggling to have a tranquil creative existence here. At the end of the day when the sun sets everything makes sense.

  1. Tell us a bit more about what you are currently excited about working on?

I’m excited about sharing more of my work and words. I’ve been on the fringe of repelling social media culture since I’ve watched it change for years, but I’m accepting it’s the only way my work will be appreciated in this day and age unfortunately. Unless, I make a book, which is a definite plan but not ready. As well excited to travel more. I have a feeling some European adventures await me. We’ll see.

The Voyager collection was shot at Joshua Tree National Park , it’s desolate vast open spaces taking our breath away, followed by the famously colourful Saguaro Hotel home of endless summer fun.  A focus on a sense of adventure inspired these pieces, and the love for travel that sits deep in our hearts. We can’t wait to share them with you.

Collection Releases from October 2018.