E N D L E S S. S U M M E R



There is something so nostalgic about Akila Berjaoui's photography. It transports you to another era, where the colours were vibrant and the world was engaging with each other.

Her effortless ability to capture the raw, honest beauty of the human form, in mid-conversation or embrace leaves you turning pages of her book with a rather awe-struck expressions and possibly a cheeky smile. 

From the sea of faces in the mediterranean to the vibrantly alive beaches of Rio, lusting for endless summer is part of our nature, there's something about showing skin and the sweetness in the air that makes us all a better version of ourselves during this particularly temperate season of the year.

It's almost instinctive for this talented Sydney based artist to represent beach-life, fast becoming one of the world's most sought after photographers we are always drooling over her journeys and the way she tells her visual stories. 


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