It’s nearly been three years since we opened our doors as The Bare Road in our hometown of Byron Bay.

In that time a lot has changed but our team has stayed the same as we slowly expand and extend those opportunities to eager young local Byron Bay talent. Last week we chose to celebrate the reopening of our revamped showroom by treating some of our genuine fans to a night of jazz, delicious food and refreshing cocktails.

The showroom was a labour of love – put together by our handy girl, and warehouse manager with the help of our partners. With new finishing touches and a colour palette that reflects our new direction – we wanted to create a space we are proud of because we want to really start telling our story.

Byron Bay is home to us – no really – we were born here. So for us this means we support local businesses like ourselves to become what they want to become.

Emerging catering enthusiast, Prue Rustean has founded her business The Picnic Portal on a love for genuine good food – using local produce and companies such as The Daily Bar to fill a platter that will have your mouth watering – no doubt you would find us all by the food.

Earlier in the day we had the pleasure of watching Alchemilla’s hanging floral installation come to life. A new venture for Byron Bay resident Phoebe East, following a life changing accident in late 2016 – this beautiful creature recovered with a vengeance and has now started her own home-grown and locally sourced floristry and delivery, servicing the shire and its surrounding areas. The dreamy chandelier she created was fit for a wedding table and had our guests staring at it in awe.

At the bar we had Matt Rabbidge with his nomadic bar company The Dead East Bar Co. with their tantalising selection of creatively brewed cocktails – we found it hard to narrow it down to a selection of two. But you can’t go past Margaritas and fresh Gin for a party. They had the perfect attention and no guest was ever spotted without a drink in their hand.

Among the attendees were close friends and family, some of  our most supportive influencers and customers – who have taken genuine interest in the Bare Road from the start.  It was a wonderfully heart-warming feeling to watch these girls shriek and linger with excitement as they found so many pieces to try on.  We never tire of seeing our friends struggle to choose what they want because they want it all! Our Fall Collection is a basic, down-to-earth reflection of our vision and simple take on fashion – where we want to create timeless quality pieces that as our Creative Director often makes clear – will outlast trends.

To these people we mentioned and all those who attended we are forever grateful and hope they stay with us for the exciting journey ahead.  

Thank you.

To our team of girls.
The Picnic Portal
The Dead East Bar Co.
Stone & Wood – who always provide the beers!
& Peter Pascoe for his captures.